*The snippet below is the guidance you will be issued with on the day of the hire, Please familiarise yourself with it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment

WEATHER RELATED WARNING; Do not inflate or operate your inflatable until you have read & understood our terms and conditions in full, supervisors must be present at all times.

Supervision; All inflatables must be supervised by at least 1 or 2 responsible adults at all time per exit and entrance at all time. Please ensure these adults have adequate insurance in place and suitable experience. Should you not wish to take the risk, we can provide suitable insured staff on request at an extra cost. We must also insist that there is one member of staff in place to monitor bad weather conditions, with attention to the Beaufort Scale. Information regarding this can be found at the following link on the Met Office website. Please remember that In addition to this, there must be a supervisor at the top of the steps for all inflatable slides and inside all inflatable structures such as domes & mazes.

Hot Weather: Where the weather is particularly hot during summer months and heat waves, for example, The fabric of castles and mats gets very, very hot in the sun. Make sure the children are wearing socks so as not to burn the soles of their feet. Make sure they have a shade erected or position the inflatable so the sun is not shining directly into the castle. Remember our erectors will not know your hot spots during the intended hire period so please let them know on delivery and they will be happy to help. Do not be tempted to dowse the inflatable in water as this will cool the castle very temporarily but then the residual water will magnify the sun's rays and heat up the PVC again very fast. Dot let children use the inflatable if the weather is too hot.

If the inflatable does get too hot, Please ensure no one (including adults) uses the equipment to reduce the risk of burns to the skin. Please remember to use care and caution at all times in hot weather and call us directly for guidance if required.

Wet & Windy weather; Please bear in mind that all our items are weather-sensitive. Inflatables are more sensitive than most. Our policy is that we will turn up regardless of the weather conditions and install the equipment as contractually agreed, However, safety is paramount and although items may be installed they may not be suitable for use during some conditions such as wind, rain and other potentially weather-related factors.

Please remember that inflatables shall not be used in wind conditions above 24 Miles per hour and in wet or hot conditions. The hirer will remain responsible for suitable action to be taken to avoid injury unless our staff have been provided to assist at an additional cost. If an inflatable becomes wet, simply wipe it with a towel until dry. Never ever compromise on safety and feel free to call us 24 hours a day on 07551 578220 if you are even the slightest bit unsure.

Please be advised to check the Government met office at regular intervals to keep track of the wind and rain readings at the start of your hire in order to decide how regularly to check. If the wind speed is likely to be in the caution zone of 19 to 24 MPH during your hire, Please check the forecast every 15 minutes by downloading the app or visiting the website; or more practically keep an eye on the following Beaufort scale.

The Beaufort scale of wind force (A nationally recognised wind monitoring scale but adapted to suit inflatables) has been listed below to assist with your decisions and for use with an anemometer on the day. If you don't have one, please let us know in advance and we will be happy to provide one on the day for you free of charge. After all safety is paramount!

For your own safety, Your entertainment today has been left switched off. Do not under any circumstances switch on & use any of the equipment until you are comfortable with all of our Terms & Conditions provided at the time of booking (ask the driver for a copy if unsure) & the advice contained within this leaflet. Additional Risk assessment forms can be found on our website if required.

We will not compromise on safety and our decision is final, regardless of the loss of revenue or expense on your part. This may include anything up to 100% downtime of your event on grounds of safety. Please note that our service is to provide the goods to you as promised, we cannot and will not be held responsible for the weather on the day. No reduction in our fees will be offered. We will help where we can on-site to find an alternative location or alternative equipment, However, this must all occur in your allocated time slot (usually 15-30 minutes) Thanks for reading. Keep safe and have fun!

Our full terms & conditions can be found on our T&C tab or ask our driver for a copy today

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